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ProLash – Premium Eyelashes Designed To Perfection

We are ProLash and our unmatched passion for designing premium eyelash extensions has helped us revolutionize the beauty industry. ProLash is based in Australia and has established itself as a worldwide leader of beauty products, eyelash extension training, and creators of major beauty trends in the industry. We cater to hundreds of lash stylists and clients around Australia and the world.

Beauty Products that Exceed All Expectations

ProLash involves itself in the beauty industry in a highly creative and innovative way by developing advanced eyelash extension products. Our products have been designed with utmost care considering the comfort of the user and simplicity of application and training required. Our products give the most comfortable feel to the user and does not compromise with making the lashes look natural – highlighting the glamour of your beautiful eyes.

Eyelash Styling For an Immaculate Result

We give great attention to personalization. Therefore, our ProLash products come in a wide variety of lengths, thicknesses, and curves to give you the look you desire. Now style your eyes with ProLash lashes that suit your natural eyelashes, lash line, and eye shape. Not just that, our eyelash extensions and volume lash styling methods take good care of the health of your natural eyelashes. Now apply ProLash eyelashes carefree!

ProLash Training – Achieve Excellence

We love extending our expertise to all salons and single practitioners around the world. At ProLash, we have created comprehensive eyelash extension training and support programs that can help you achieve a new eyelash enhancement skill. With our advanced training methods and styling philosophy, we encourage salons and eyelash specialists to maintain the natural lash cycle. This involves the application of single lash enhancement to ‘one’ lash at a time.

For course information please visit our Training page.

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