Eyelash Extension Training


Eyelash Extension Training is available in Australian capital cities and large regional cities. Training is also available outside of Australia, please send an inquiry via the contact page to register your interest.

ProLash eyelash extension courses are available from beginners through to advanced.
Our students are taught to apply lashes safely and quickly!


ProLash provides comprehensive eyelash extension training and support to salons and single practitioners around the world. Our training takes learning the skill of eyelash enhancement to a new level with our advanced training methods and styling philosophy. At Prolash our main focus is maintaining the natural lash cycle by ensuring the application of a single lash enhancement to ‘one’ natural lash at a time.

This means if applied correctly the natural lash cycle can continue and thus incurring no damage to the natural eyelashes, so you/your client can wear eyelash extensions for years to come!


ProLash lashes come in a large range of lengths, thicknesses and curves so your eyelash extensions can be ‘individually styled’ to suit the natural eyelashes, lash line and eye shape to best compliment your client’s face.

Our application of CLASSIC eyelash extensions, VOLUME eyelash extensions and styling methods ensures that the natural lash cycle can continue as normal therefore maintaining the health of the natural eyelashes whilst wearing ProLash eyelash extensions.

We offer :

  • CLASSIC Eyelash Extension Training
  • VOLUME Eyelash Extension Training

Five Secrets System That Fills Your Appointment Book and Gets You Maximum Profit in Your Eyelash Extension Business

Quality Training That Guarantees Correct & Efficient Application

Giving Your Clients Huge Customer Satisfaction Every Time!

Correct Application Ensures Long Term Happy Clients.

  • Why professional training is essential
  • Why cheaper training ends up costing you 350% more
  • Learn about hidden costs they don’t tell you about
  • How to have more sales from same clients
  • How to become an obvious choice to get Lash Extensions from and still charge premium prices

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Expert Quality Training

Train with ProLash and you will:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of styling, incorporating a range of lash lengths, thicknesses and curls to suit each client as an individual, protecting the health of the natural lashes.
  • Faster Application Techniques that don’t compromise safety
  • Demonstrate a strong ability to apply and style lashes to a range of face frames and eye shapes.
  • Develop safe work practices, with an excellent aftercare program. Increase business opportunity.
  • Access ongoing support network.
  • Safe tested products with one of the largest individual lash and volume lash inventories on the market.
  • Large return on investment
  • Over 50% of our students have been trained elsewhere before coming to ProLash

For further Information about ProLash Eyelash Extension Training email or call us on 03 9374 4417