Importance of Cleansing Your Lash ExtensionsEyelash extensions have the power to change your beauty game completely. Whether you an overnight party at the beach or you are home in your PJs, on a lazy Saturday, you never have to wake up drowsy and bleary-eyed.

And this is not the only upside – eyelash extension means bye-bye to curler duties, and coats of expensive mascara. There is no requirement of eye makeup either – the eyelashes in itself are good enough to glam you up.

But hey, if you got ‘em, you gotta take proper care of your eyelash extensions too. Cleaning your lash extensions properly is the key to keeping them looking great longer! And here are some of the best practices to follow, if you own a pair of gorgeous lashes. 

Choose the correct products:

To make your lashes last for a longer time, you need to keep them clean from oil, dirt and bacteria. Always use clean water, make sure you clean it an oil free Prolash foam cleanser before going to bed.

Always remove makeup:

When you are wearing makeup, the trick is always to clean it sideways with a cotton bud and cleanser or use a special lash cleansing brush, using a brush you can work from above the lashes moving downwards. This ensures that no makeup residues or oil get struck to the lashes. Makeup trapped in the lashes will affect on the lashes’ quality and would lead to a shorter life for the extensions.

Clean the eyelash extensions:

After you remove your makeup, splash some cold and clean water in the eyes to rinse those gorgeous babies. It is okay to rinse your lashes while bathing too but make sure that it does not get in contact with too much soap based products.

Also, make sure you are not letting moisturisers or sunblock splash through the eyelashes.

Dry your lashes:

The best way to keep your lashes gorgeous and healthy is by ensuring that they are dry. If this is done, there is no way the eyelash extensions will shed off; nor will there be dirt sticking on to them. Use a soft tissue or towel, and make sure to blot them gently so as to avoid snagging of the eyelash extensions.

How often should you clean your eyelash extensions:

In order to keep your eyelash extension from getting ruined, try to cleanse them at least three times a week. A routine cleansing would ensure that your lashes lush and soft,  free of any bacteria or oil.

Why should you cleanse your eyelash extensions?

To start with, if you want to  keep your eyelashes thick and soft, cleansing them at regular intervals is a must. Further, it is not just about keeping the lashes oil and germ free. If your eyelash extensions get dirty, there is a high chance that unfriendly particles will come in contact with your eyes, leading to infection.

So there you go! Just a few simple steps, and a little bit of adhering to routing will go a long way in keeping your eyelash extensions thick, clean and healthy!